Mapping UC Berkeley study abroad programs

September 15, 2022
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With hundreds of program listings over six continents, Berkeley Study Abroad boasts a variety of opportunities for students.

The 348 listings differ in location, topic, provider and study abroad length, with options to travel for a summer, a semester or a full year. Application deadlines vary by program, but may be as early as 12 months in advance of the trip.

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The map above plots Berkeley Study Abroad destinations. Each dot represents one national destination, and its size represents the number of programs there. Virtual programs and programs within the U.S. are omitted from the map. Data come from the Berkeley Study Abroad website.

While programs seem to be clustered within western Europe, Berkeley Study Abroad reaches far in both distance and topics. STEM Research in Osaka, Human Rights and Cultural Memory in Santiago and Advanced Arabic Language in Amman are all within a UC Berkeley student’s range of options.

However, not every program is currently up for grabs. Mediterranean Nutrition and Food Systems in Greece is full for 2022 and Berkeley Global Internships in Tokyo, Dublin and Prague are canceled for 2022.

Cost may deter students from pursuing study abroad programs. However, according to the Berkeley Study Abroad website, students can apply their existing financial aid to their studies abroad to help cover tuition, food, books, airfare and more. To further mitigate the cost, Berkeley Study Abroad advises students to consider destinations with a lower cost of living, scholarships for UC Berkeley students and job opportunities.

Despite potential setbacks, studying abroad remains an option for UC Berkeley students. 348 program listings around the world not only come with financial aid, but also with the opportunity to explore different cultures, places and languages as part of a UC Berkeley education.

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